Graduate studies

Graduate study takes two academic years (four semesters). At the end of this studystudents acquire 120 ECTS credits as well as the academic title of master in engineering in the relative branch.

The graduate study programmes offer students the possibility of acquiring knowledge required to continue education at the  postgraduate level (doctoral and specialist studies), i.e. to educate personnel that will engage in scientific research work in interdisciplinary maritime sciences.


Nautical Studies Master of nautical engineering
(mag. ing. naut.)
Marine Engineering Master of marine engineering
(mag. ing. nav. mech.)
Marine Electrical Engineering Technologies Master of marine electrical engineering
(mag. ing. el.)
Maritime Yacht and Marina Management Master of maritime technologies
(mag. ing. nav. techn.)
Maritime Management Master of maritime management
(mag. ing. admin. nav.)
Maritime Systems and Processes Master of maritime technologies
(mag. ing. nav. techn.)