Faculty of Maritime Studies


Higher education of seafarers in Split began with the establishment of the Maritime College in 1959.


Maritime affairs by definition imply knowledge and skills related to the sea. The teachers of the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split have knowledge and experience in education of many generations of students who have decided to find a profession related to the sea and maritime affairs. We are proud of many generations of seamen and maritime experts whose acquired knowledge has made them successful in maritime professions.


The Faculty employs teachers with high research and teaching titles as well as highest ranks in merchant shipping. Lectures take place on the Faculty premises and in the nautical and mechanical engineering simulators, GMDSS simulator as well as in the electrical engineering laboratory, The practical part of the teaching process takes place on board training and research vessel “Naše more“, training vessel "Kraljica mora" as well as Jadrolinija vessels. Professional practice is carried out in "Brodosplit" shipyard workshops, while navigational practice is carried out by going sailing with students.


Education meets the requirements of STCW convention and The Regulation on Requirements for the Award of Ranks and Certification of Seafarers on Board Merchant Ships of the Republic of Croatia.


The Faculty of Maritime Studies is a partner institution of the post-graduate doctoral study "Maritime Affairs" organised by and carried out at the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Rijeka.


The Faculty cooperates with many other faculties of Croatia and Europe as well as many shipping companies and companies involved in sea-related activities.


The Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split has founded a professional and scientific journal "Transactions on Maritime Science" - ToMS and International Maritime Science Conference - IMSC.