The Mission of the Faculty is to excel in designing and delivering high-quality study programs, and in forming brilliant students and teachers, by using training vessels, simulators and other technical and technological assets, by observing international guidelines and recommendations, relevant laws and by-laws of the Republic of Croatia, and by developing close collaboration with maritime and other economic entities. The Faculty of Maritime Studies of the University of Split is a scientific research higher education institution that performs study programs at all university levels. The programs feature scientific and professional knowledge and skills that are transferred to students by researchers and teaching staff. Over the past ten years there has been a considerable increase in the excellence of the scientific research work.


The Vision of the Faculty is to actively participate in the knowledge-based development of maritime affairs. This is achieved by optimal organisation of the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels of scientific research and teaching activities in the area of Technical Sciences, the field of Traffic and Transport Technology, the disciplines of Maritime and River Transport.

Quality Policy

The Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split is the leading institution engaged in designing, organising and performing professional studies, undergraduate and graduate university study programmes and post-graduate professional studies in the area of maritime affairs; in organising and performing permanent professional training programs and in organising and performing highly professional and scientific research activities in the area of maritime affairs. The quality of these achievements is increasingly recognised by service users, staff and other stakeholders.


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