The Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split is committed to promotion of science through the International Maritime Science Conference (IMSC), professional and scientific journal Transactions on Maritime Science (ToMS), and numerous research and scientific projects.


The IMSC Conference has been held annually in Split and the nearby towns of Solin and Podstrana. Since 2014, the Conference has merged with the ICTS Conference organised by the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport in Portorož, Slovenia, and has become one of South-East Europe's major conferences dealing with maritime affairs and related sciences.


Transactions on Maritime Science (ToMS) publishes professional and scientific articles in the areas related to maritime affairs, including navigation, engineering, seafaring, safety, ecology, hydrography, automation, transport and transportation technologies, and the like. The journal is published in English as an open access journal, and as a classic paper journal (in limited editions). It is cited in several scientific databases. All papers are triple peer-reviewed by international reviewers.

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